Musical Theatre Audition Preparation

Preparing for auditions is a job, and it takes training to do the job well.  What song to sing, how to handle yourself in a room, and how to sound your best is a truly evolved art form all in of itself. 

Vocal coaching for auditions can be easy if clients have prepared themselves for the market by building a “book” – a collection of songs that fit their voice, their “type”, and includes a broad spectrum of styles that they can call upon at the drop of a hat.   Building a book is a long process and comes from truly understand what the singer sings best and polishing the performance elements of that material.

Shot-gun audition prep is often very stressful, and usually goes poorly depending on when an actor receives the material.  Nothing can replace having more time with sides, or original music that you might be asked to prepare.  So, establishing professional expectations on the part of your agent and manager is key.  Knowing that professional actors usually do get coached on all major audition materials is essential for good mental health and what it takes to get the job; a relaxed and open attitude the audition process.