Original Music Composition and Collaboration

Writing original music yourself or with a collaborator can be one of the most profound and truly liberating endeavors of your life.  It is transformative both to the vocal instrument and to the person, and often the best investment per dollar a singer can make.  It can be the road to economic freedom, artistic expression, and learning an entirely new skill set that includes both song writing and business. 

The studio fosters original talent at many levels, ages, and in every genre of music.   Understanding that it all starts with the instinct to write is absolutely essential.  Having something to say, or share – having a personal story, experience or emotional journey going on, one that feels truly personal and intimate, is the essence of that spark in every person that makes them an artists.  What happens from there is an adventure of facing your greatest fears, taking risks, and learning the creative path.

For many singers, they feel trapped in their musical inability.  They can’t play a musical instrument, so we set them up with someone who can.  Usually that’s a guitarist or pianist at first, or maybe a producer with a really powerful computer and expensive sound library.  The most important part, though, is to not let the feeling that you can’t play something stand in the way of your imagination or what you can hear in your head.  Technology today liberates us to be able to create any sound you can imagine in the studio.  It’s truly miraculous.

Other singers, come in with musical instruments that act as the foundation for their journey.  These singers usually go through a true awakening when they begin to produce their “sound” using technology and other musical collaborations that interest them.  All of it has value, all of it is a journey, all of it is special.

Economically, the studio fosters a transparent legal and business structure for collaborators through established industry norms.  These relationships and the management of royalty shares during the collaboration are taught, and supervised personally by Jonathan.  The essence of this work to foster a healthy communication between mutually beneficial teammates, one that can last and thrive over many years and potentially many collaborations.