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This indie film was written specifically for two clients and produced under another client’s production company New Renaissance Entertainment.


this short film was written for two clients by another client, financed by their production companies. A feature is in development.

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First Glance FF ( – March 16th, LOS ANGELES

Manhattan FF ( ) – April 24 - May 5, NEW YORK

NYC Indie FF ( – May 5 - May 12, NEW YORK

Fort Myers FF (  – April 10 -14, FLORIDA

OccHimag interview with directorS matt toronto and jonathan baker:

Directors Matt Toronto and Jonathan Baker’s Horror Film “Harper Finch” Explores Mental Illness

There are a lot of inspirations that led us to make this film. It started as an idea from my brother Aaron, who wrote the film with us. He has worked for years as a therapist and has always been fascinated by mental health. Not only that, both of our parents are psychologists, so we spent our childhoods discussing aspects of personality and the psyche. It only makes sense that we are drawn to those subjects in our filmmaking.

The film is a horror/thriller that deals with characters who are struggling with their sense of identity and their sense of reality. It all takes place in a mental hospital. Aaron, Jon and I have all had loved ones who have been affected by severe mental health issues. They were certainly on our mind as we were working on it.
It was a very nice, caring group of people, so people wanted to make a great movie. Those actors suffered so much to make this short film – it was cold, they were constantly covered in sticky blood, and we were operating in an old psychological ward in downtown LA, so it was spooky for real. There was a lot of history to the building that inspired the acting and style. A lot of “interesting” things kept happening, which made it more weird, and made at the same time a lot of fun. It was a very dedicated group for a small film.