Vocal Technique Foundation

Studying the voice has two parts, the physics of sound, and the emotions that come with it.  In many ways it’s like playing a sport, and the foundation work feels like a cross between training at the gym, and being explained how the game really works.   Because of that, private sessions usually last about one hour, and consist at first of a diagnostic evaluation, then building a sound diet of exercises that help students familiarize themselves with a) what kind of instrument they were actually born with, and b) how to liberate and build that actual hardware. 

It isn’t fast, however.  The initial tour of the vocal landscape for students can take six months usually.  Think of having to lose weight, or gain muscle – to get in shape – it means working with the body and it’s diet over time. 

Progress can be very fast and very rewarding, however, even like a chiropractic adjustment at first.  Yet, to truly understand how the machine works and open up it’s potential, studying and practicing over time creates the greatest dividends, without a doubt.