MISSION - cultivate, support, and protect artistic integrity. To create art that makes a difference, that inspires. Be helpful to humanity. Encourage collaboration, compassion, and love for the process. 


Jonathan Baker - founder

is a member of the Producer’s Guild of America and work with his partner Nnamdi Asomugha under the banner iAm21 Entertainment. They are currently shooting Sylvie, starring Tessa Thompson and Nnamdi. They also produced the upcoming feature Banker, starring Samuel L. Jackson, Anthony Mackie, and Nicolas Hoult, directed by George Nolfi. They are producing stage productions of Spamalot, the adaptation of the movies August Rush and The Harder They Come, and just finished the play American Son starring Kerry Washington, which Netflix picked up.

He also writes/directs and performs under the alias “Bo D”. The forth coming satire Manifest Destiny Down: Spacetime is due out this year. He produced, directed, and composed the score for the short Harper Finch, currently appearing in festivals.

He Executive Produced Crown Heights (dir. Matt Ruskin), starring LaKeith Stanfield (Short Term 12, Atlanta) and Nnamdi, which won the Audience Award at Sundance in 2017 and was bought by Amazon Studios. He Co-Produced the feature musical Basmati Blues, starring Donald SutherlandTyne DalyBrie Larson and Scott Bakula; and Executive Produced Halfway, starring Quinton Aaron (The Blindside).

Prior to being an independent producer, JB worked at Sony Pictures Entertainment, first in television research, then at Screen Gems and TriStar Pictures as Marketing Manager.  He helped release over forty major theatrical films, of which ten achieved #1 at the box-office.  Some noteworthy films include Closer (dir. Mike Nichols), Adaptation (dir. Spike Jonze), Big Fish (dir. Tim Burton), Boogeyman (#1 at the box office), Underworld (#1 at the box office), In The Cut (dir. Jane Campion), You Got Served (#1 at the box office), the Resident Evil franchise, and Exorcism of Emily RoseLords of Dogtown (dir. Catherine Hardwicke), Oliver Twist (dir. Roman Polanski), Running with Scissors (dir. Ryan Murphy), and Silent Hill. He also Co-Produced the documentaries Fang vs. Fiction (AMC), The Real Exorcist (A & E), and Real Premonitions (A & E). 

Prior to Los Angeles, JB worked on Wall Street at Salomon Brothers Asset Management in Institutional Sales, and on Broadway at The Nederlander Producing Company of America. He worked with Billy JoelThe Rolling StonesDionne WarwickNeil YoungPaul Simon, and many other legendary artists.  He produced documentaries that starred Lea DeLariaGeoffrey Holder, Liliane Montevecchi, and Julie Wilson

JB received a Best Actor award for his performance in Thank You for Not Smoking, an official entry in the 1997 Sundance Film Festival.  He composed, directed, and performed in the musical short film, Naked: A Guy’s Musical, distributed by Shorts International.

JB is an Adjunct Professor of feature film and entertainment economics at Carnegie Mellon’s Masters of Entertainment Industry Management program in the Heinz School of Public Policy.  He also teaches at GIOCA, a graduate program at the University of Bologna, Italy. 

JB studied Musical Theater at  The Boston Conservatory of Music and The University of Michigan School of Music.  He studied directing and acting at the University of California, Los Angeles Extension Program under Don Richardson.



Polish-born, Denver-raised artist Mike has a creative sensibility that touches videography, photography, VFX, editing, fashion, and even blacksmithing. In his five years in Los Angeles, Mike has shot and edited for daytime Emmy award winning projects and has taken art direction from clients like Tom Ford, Kanye West and Zayne Malik. As a cinematographer, Mike has filmed and edited a variety of projects for JB Productions, including credits as DP, 2nd Camera Operator, Assistant Editor, Colorist, VFX Artist, and also as an Associate Producer. Mike handles all media intake and content editing for the office, as well as tech set-up and management.



Having graduated summa cum laude from North Carolina State University in 2017, Emmalee is currently pursuing her Master of Entertainment Management degree from Carnegie Mellon University. She will graduate in May 2019, but in the meanwhile she works accompanying JB on the set of his upcoming feature film Sylvie. Although making movies is her passion, she enjoys practicing her music and playing with any dog she encounters in her free time.